The safe and environmentally friendly way to clean with ozone

Awarded the coveted "Italian Top 100" status in 2019 and Number 1 in Environmental Cleansing

In use with the Red Cross, the Italian parliament, police forces, hospitals, ambulances, doctors' surgeries, car dealers, hotels, restaurants, schools, hair salons, gyms and spas worldwide

Effective, safe and natrual cleaning with ozone

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2018 Angi Award – Associazione Nazionale Giovani Innovatori (Italian Association of Young Innovators) awarded to Sanity System as the best Italian innovation in the environment and energy category.

“100 Eccellenze Italiane” (Italian Top 100) 2019 prize awarded by the Liber Association to Sanity System as the best company in the environmental cleaning category.

leading global & automotive brands partnering with Sanity System solutions

leading global & automotive brands currently partnering on our Sanity System solutions

Clean and healthy, naturally!

Ozone cleansing systems deliver fresher air and healthier water

Sanity System is an Italian company founded in 2010, a global leader in the design and manufacture of cleansing technologies using ozone gas to treat air and water. Our systems are used and available worldwide in 19 countries across five continents.

Sanity System certified cleaning with ozone

The latest technology protecting your health

Our ozone generators attack bacteria, mould and viruses and remove bad smells. They are safe because they are designed for use within the framework of health and safety at work legislation and they are effective because they have been tested and certified by leading institutions worldwide.


Cutting edge solutions to treat air and water

Sanity System products enhance the air and water quality wherever they are used creating a clean and safe environment for business, social, medical, education and recreational activities.


Beauty Salons

Hair Salons

Medical Practices

Motor Vehicles

Nursing Homes


Vet Practices / Grooming

Cleansing with ozone

Easy, quick, 100% environmentally friendly treatment

Among the global spectrum of cleaning solutions, ozone is one of the best treatments to tackle germs and bacteria. Its oxidising power makes it extremely effective as a natural cleanser (second only to fluorine, which is toxic) and stronger than traditional chemical detergents.

Tackles bacteria and viruses

It attacks bacteria, mould, fungus, spores, yeast, pollen and viruses.

Removes bad smells

It deodorises the smell of smoking, mould, cooking, perspiration and animal fur.

Naturally Clean

It creates a fresh and clean atmosphere with a quick and effective treatment.

Ecological and low-cost

It cleans without requiring any additives and tackles the residue left behind from other chemical detergents.


Ozone is heavier than air and spreads out, diffusing into the inaccessible areas where bacteria and allergens settle.


Ozone is not flammable, abrasive or explosive. It cleans without damaging fabric or furniture.

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Join more than 3000 Sanity Points in the world, the network of professional Sanity System service providers offering ozone cleansing treatments to customers.

Become a Sanity O-Zone, the network of businesses, health facilities, restaurants, beauty salons, hotels and other commercial organisations who use the Sanity System ozone treatment and offer visitors and staff the benefit of a comfortable, cleansed enviornment.

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